Charles G. Finney Lectures On Revival

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D. Stanley Ferguson’s book “The Coming Persecution of Christians in America” demonstrates that the modern church is saturated with sexual sin.  For years, 70% of Christian men (and there are women too) are regularly using pornography.  The church is in desperate need of revival!

Some who claim to be modern apostles and prophets are prophesying that a great awakening is coming to the church any moment now, and the church is destined to rise up in power and gain dominant influence over the seven spheres (“mountains”) of influence in society (media, business, politics, etc.).  They believe the essence of revival is Power.

It is not. 

The essence of revival is Repentance!

An unrepentant church will never prevail in spiritual warfare.  Given the decades of unbridled, unlamented, and unrepented sin in the church today we all need to educate ourselves on the need for revival, the nature of what true revival is, and the things we need to do to bring it about.  This is the best book ever written for that purpose.

Charles Finney led a great awakening in the 1830’s that was powerful and had lasting effect.  He then wrote this book covering the full range of topics related to revival. Lectures on Revival is the complete work, but is newly edited for today’s reader.

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