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“It is by the Spirit that God works His mighty work.” — A.W. Tozer

Dr. A.W. Tozer (1897-1963) was a twentieth-century prophet with keen insight into spiritual things, especially the nature of the Church at large. He spoke with prophetic precision about issues within the Church that he believed were crippling the Church spiritually. Mystery of the Holy Spirit is a collection of sermons that reveal Tozer’s prophetic insights into this crucial topic.

These sermons on the Holy Spirit represent Dr. Tozer at his best. Tozer’s critique of the Church is as relevant today as when he first preached it from his pulpit in Chicago more than a half-century ago. These powerful messages exude the timeless fragrance of God’s anointing, pinning us down and piercing our hearts.

“We have grieved the Holy Spirit,” Dr. Tozer warned, “and He has withdrawn His anointing from many Christians.”

The greatest sin within the Evangelical church, according to Dr. Tozer, is neglecting the Holy Spirit and not allowing Him to be Lord in the Church. In these sermons we are challenged to confess this sin and invite the Holy Spirit to resume His rightful place of Lordship in our churches and in our lives today.

In an era when many extremes are being promoted in the name of the Holy Spirit, Dr. Tozer’s cautious warnings are more than apropos—they are an urgent call to action.

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