The Trinity Fully Explained in Three Seconds


There are only three types of substance in the universe:

  • Created Matter
  • Created Spirit
  • Uncreated Spirit

Only God is Uncreated Spirit.

God is made of different “stuff” than anything else that exists.

Three Persons

God is Love (1 John 4:8)

  • God has existed from all Eternity Past. For countless ages before creation, God was the only thing that existed.
  • Because God is Love, all of Love and all that is Love existed then.
  • Complete and total Love–in order to exist–must be shared.1
  • Because God was the only thing that existed, and sharing was happening, God must consist of more than one uncreated spirit.
  • (As it turns out, there happen to be three.)


1 Self-love does not involve sharing. However, self-love is only one part of love; it is not complete love and it is not all of love.


Perfect love is perfect unity.

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