Without identity, existence is meaningless. How do we find our identity? Where does our identity come from? What do I mean when I say “me?”

The Sanhedrin demanded to know of Jesus if He is the Son of God.  After being silent for all other questions, He answered this, the most damning one.  “I am.”

That’s because this question was all about Identity.   (See Matt. 26:64.)

Identity is such an important question it has to be answered no matter the consequences. 

“He cannot deny Himself.”   

II Tim. 2:13

Therefore, if I ask God “Who am I?  What is my identity?” -He must answer me.  Only God can give you a true answer to your identity question.  We must never depend on other people to give us our Identity.

At the burning bush Moses asked God: “What is Your Name?”  The answer came: “I am.”  God is the only person whose identity is rooted in Himself.   The source of our entire experience as a Christian is knowing who we are in Christ.  And we cannot know that until we, too, ask God about His identity and grasp it in our hearts.  We cannot truly know ourselves until we know Him, for our own identity is meaningless when it is untethered from Him who created us.

God’s hatred of idolatry is rooted in identity.  God wants to be worshiped for who He truly is.  God longs for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth (Jn. 4:23). 

David said to praise His Name.  And God said not to use His Name in vain.

A major theme of the Old Testament is God’s command: “Know Me!”

Jesus’ behavior during His trial shows He was confident in His identity.  He was silent before His accusers because had nothing to fear, nothing to prove.  He answered the identity question because He had nothing to hide.   When we are confident of our identity in Christ, we can withstand all trials which come from satan, and we can boldly resist him, standing firm in the faith (I Cor. 16:13).

I know who I am!  I am a man loved by Jesus.  Intimately known by Him and intimately connected to Him.  Because He loves the ‘me’ of who I am, learning about myself through His eyes is totally safe.  People tell me, “Doug, you are too outgoing” or “you think too much.”  Jesus tells me, “I really appreciate how deep you are and how willing you are to share your heart with others.”  With Jesus I have nothing to fear, nothing to prove, nothing to hide.  While Jesus may be unhappy at times with my behavior, He always delights in who I am.  I am unswervingly beloved.

Identity issues in our society have largely focused on sexual identity, which shows how satan is attacking our culture at its core, but also shows how deep the anguish must be of those who are uncertain of their identity. 

Rather than shun them, we should rush to them with the answer that the root source of identity is not sex, but belovedness, a thing for which all us long–and which all of us can have! Maybe those of us who shun others have not fully grasped for our own selves what it truly means to be God’s beloved?



spoken without Love

Sounds Like

a Lie!

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